Making glass in Murano is to continue a millenary tradition, a history of knowledge, secrets and skills that are precious patrimony of the company's mission, of an entrepreneurial reality born under the creative impulse of Guido, Diego and Omar Ferro.

Fornace Ferro Murano is today a company brand in the production of glassware tradition; A proposal of furnishing, of style and design for the contemporary living that proposes to us the glass and its many faces. The company is today a recognized and established brand among the producers Made in Murano, synonymous of quality and guarantee of authenticity, of every part of the product.

It is in fact a dealership of the "artistic glass of Murano", a mark of origin that certifies the glass products made in the island of Murano, established and regulated by the Veneto Region Law No. 70 of 23/12/1994, and whose mark for the FerroMurano bears the "007" sequence number.

Ferro Murano Development turns its gaze through technological studies to new constructive technical conceptions in order to develop structural projects with the aid of Murano glass slabs designed to become parts of futuristic buildings.

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